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Bookkeeping Boot Camp

Building a solid foundation for your earnings! | taught by Amanda Lairsey
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Amanda Lairsey
Amanda Lairsey
Business Growth Strategist

About the Instructor

Amanda lives in the suburbs of Nashville, TN, works from home, and has a long-term career in managing the books of other small businesses. Amanda is always talking about business strategies, money management, and growth opportunities for successful entrepreneurs. Coffee dates and hangs may sound a little nerdy to the bystander, but Amanda is passionate about helping others be more successful in their endeavors. After a couple of years of strategy building for pure fun, it was no surprise that Amanda decided to teach and host Bookkeeping Boot Camp!

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Bookkeeping Boot Camp is a Five Day Video Series that teaches you how to correctly setup your accounting software so that you can grow your business with a solid foundation.

The videos are at your own pace meaning that you can pause the training and go back to it when you're ready. The day you start training is entirely up to you! There is no set start date or end date. HOWEVER, enrollment for this training will only last for a short time.

This setup guide utilizes Quickbooks Pro, which is what we suggest for any business earning revenues above $100k per year, but irregardless of your software... the setup concept is the same across all platforms.

In this course you will learn how to code expenses, categorize revenue, understand vital financial reports, and manage your business' money while operating your business with a solid understanding of how your money works for you.

Charae and Amanda have been doing accounting and bookkeeping for many years. Their Bookkeeping Boot Camp will teach you all of the strategies, secrets, and tips for how to get it done efficiently!

Course Contents

3 Videos
14 Texts
1 Download
5.0 hrs